After running a search in RateView, you can take advantage of the Quote Calculator to quickly price a truck and come up with a quote for the shipper on a bid.

  1. Click on the +button to expand the Quote Calculator section
  2. Next, enter any accessorial fees you may owe to the carrier as well as the percentage of profit you are looking to make

  3. RateView will take the per mile rate and multiple it by the total number of miles in the trip.  It will then add any accessorial charges you entered.  Lastly, it will add the percentage of margin you entered to come up with a quote.  In the example above, the average truck pay for this lane in the last 7 days is $4464.50.  With 10% added on top, the quote to the shipper would be $4910.95, leaving you with a profit of $446.45.