The Company Information section in the Account is organized by offices. You can click any of the offices listed to access the information displayed on that office.

NoteOnly authorized users can access any office on the list.  Without authorization, you can only access your own office to update information.


Clicking on the office will open up a sidebar and display the information for that office.

From here, you can scroll down to view all of the information that displays in the DAT Directory regarding your company.

Information displayed here consists of:

  • Company Background
  • Equipment
  • Services
  • Certificates
  • Cross Border Certifications & Services
  • High Risk Freight
  • Operating Areas
  • Preferred Lanes

Updating Company Information

Click the EDIT DETAILS button to start editing the company information.

Scrolling down on this screen will take you through each of the sections. Users can also navigate to each section by using the navigation bar highlighted in the image above.

When finished updating, users will click the SAVE button and the information will be updated for all DAT users to see.