How do I get a credit score as a new broker?

Carriers tend to be reluctant to take loads from you because your new freight brokerage business does not have a credit score yet.

The good news is that DAT load boards now apply credit scores and average days-to-pay quicker, thanks to credit reporting from Ansonia, DAT’s credit reporting partner.

To start showing a credit score (CS) and average days-to-pay (DTP), simply contact Ansonia:

After two different data contributors have reported your payments for three consecutive months, current month excluded, on the fourth month your brokerage will be eligible to receive a credit score.

Note: A data contributor is a company who extends trade credit to you (including factoring companies, carriers, 3PLs, railroads, fuel, tires, or other vendor/supplier) and who contributes its payment history to Ansonia Credit Data.


What factors determine my credit score?

  • Years in business - Although you have little control over this factor, remember that if you have been in business for less than 3 years, your risk analysis might be lower that you might think your credit history would indicate. This is because most business failures occur within the first 3 years. During the first 5 years, your credit score is adjusted upwards every 6 months to give you maximum benefit.

  • Carrier/Supplier longevity - This is a major factor when calculating a credit score. It is always encouraged to ask business partners that you actively done business with for the longest time to contact Ansonia to become contributors.

  • How much business you do with the carrier/supplier - Your best credit score comes from contributors that give you a substantial amount of business. If you average $1500/month with your contributors and another broker averages $45,000/mo they will have a better credit score in that area because they have demonstrated greater financial strength. So bigger is better!

  • Payment trend - This is a big one but must be understood. Most payment terms are 30 days. If you pay in that time frame, you will get the most out of the credit score calculation. There is some bonus for paying soon, but a greater penalty for paying over 45, 60, etc.

  • Collection activity - Any collection activity taken against your company will negatively factor into your credit score.

Note:  Brokers just starting out may have a lower credit score or none at all as they work to establish their business.  A credit score is just one factor to consider when using a broker.  For more information about a broker, including peer reviews, you can view them in the DAT Directory located in the tool section of your load board.


How does Ansonia/Equifax gauge a company's creditworthiness?

Equifax's Risk Score gauges a company’s creditworthiness on a number of criteria including:

  • the number of days-to-pay trends collected from data contributors*
  • alerts bankruptcies
  • collection agency activity
  • other credit indicators gathered from a number of sources.

Note: A data contributor is a company who extends trade credit to the shipper/broker including factoring companies, carriers, 3PLs, railroads, fuel, tires, etc... and is contributing payment history to Equifax Credit Data.


How can I dispute my Credit Score and Days to Pay?

If you believe inaccuracies exist on the current copy of your company’s credit report, the first step is to reach out directly to the contributor to resolve any disputes. Unlike a consumer credit report, data contributors on business credit reports are not identified by name, but you can generally figure out who they are by a process of elimination from looking at past due balance dates and balances.

If you can’t figure out who the contributor is, Equifax can reach out to them on your behalf to get their permission to release their name to you. If you still believe there is incorrect information on your report, you can submit a Data Verification Request to Equifax to review your report here;

Equifax Data Verification Request Link

Once a Data Verification Request is submitted, Equifax will take immediate action to start the process and, if necessary, reach out to a trade contributor to verify trade lines. 

The request will be sent immediately to the contributor however Equifax is contractually required to allow the contributor 15 days to research and respond. 

Equifax cannot release the name of a contributing party without their written consent and due to non-disclosure agreements, a contributing party ultimately retains the right to withhold their identify.

For more information on Equifax scores as provided on the DAT load board please visit


Updating address on company's credit report

You can update your company's address by submitting a Data Verification Request by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Equifax Data Verification Request Link

For more information on Equifax scores as provided on the DAT load board please visit


Turned down for credit

If you have been declined for credit the process differs based on your credit score. You must start with having a company officer submit a request for your company's credit report by following the steps here:

How do I Get a Copy of my Company's Credit Report?

Requesting this will start the data verification process with Ansonia.

DAT provides data from government and other trusted third-party providers. DAT endeavors to timely transmit the data provided from each third party information provider, but DAT cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or suitability of the information. DAT is a neutral third party and does not influence nor can it modify the data from third parties. As stated in its Terms & Conditions, DAT provides the information in its products and services AS-IS.