DAT will be the first Freight Data provider on Snowflake’s marketplace. That’s right, Truckstop.com doesn’t and neither do any of our competitors.  We are currently already sharing data through Snowflake with some of our larger brokerage customers.

Our presence in Snowflake illustrates our commitment to meeting our customers’ where they are at as the data industry evolves. With Snowflake being the leading data warehouse with some of the largest companies in the world already customers, it only makes sense to gain that exposure.

Because the Marketplace is a general data marketplace, it offers DAT a new way to market to a broader audience.  People who we may have never thought of may find comparing our data to other data in Snowflake for their own personal gain.  This is another place for DAT to increase revenue.  Every request for data access will be turned into a Salesforce opportunity and sent to a DAT Sales rep.

Snowflake also provides technical benefits:

  • A more secure way to provide data to our customers (as opposed to FTP or email)
  • Data share provides immediate transfer of data to customers without the need for cumbersome, downstream data transfer processes 
  • Updates and corrections to our data are automatically reflected to customers