If you're trying to upload a RateView multilane file and the SUBMIT REQUEST button doesn't seem to be working, you can try the following steps to fix the issue. This problem may occur on different browsers, but it seems to be more common in Chrome when ad blockers are enabled. Please note that the steps provided in this article specifically apply to Chrome.

  1. Try opening RateView in incognito mode 
  2. If the button works in incognito mode, you can consider clearing the cache and cookies. However, note that the issue may be related to a browser extension, as some extensions may not be disabled in incognito mode.
  3. If the problem persists even after clearing the cache and cookies, you can go to the Chrome menu, select Settings, and then click on Extensions. From there, you can disable any extensions that may be causing the issue and try again. 
  4. Disable any suspect extensions, especially ones related to blocking such as ad blockers. Note that browser security extensions may also prevent the button from working properly.

Note: It's important to remember which extensions you're disabling. If you have many extensions, it might be a good idea to disable two at a time, try uploading the file, and then re-enable them if the issue persists. This process will help you identify the problematic extension that's causing the issue.