When you log in for the first time, the settings option will display. This is where you will select the default rate you want to display on the site.

Click on the option that applies to your company. Select broker, carrier or shipper.

Note: If you are a contributor this option will be selected for you based on your contributor type. You can still choose the type of rate you would like to display as the default.

The next option is where you select the rate you focus on the most:

  • Broker-to-Carrier Spot - Broker Spot Market Rates are based on actual rates submitted to DAT that were negotiated between a broker and a carrier or owner operator.

  • Shipper-to-Carrier Contract - Shipper Contract Rates are pre-negotiated between a shipper and a carrier in a contract agreement that is negotiated on a relatively infrequent basis (annually or semi-annually)

The last option allows you to select the rate you want displayed. The choices you have are Per Mile and Per Trip.

  • Per Mile displays the rate per mile with the Fuel Surcharge included

  • Per Trip will display the flat rate for the whole trip including Fuel Surcharge.

Make your selections then click on Save.

Note: These options can be changed at any time by clicking on Settings in the drop down menu next to your login or the gear icon located in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.