The rate calculator customizes the market rate to a rate specific for your load. The rate calculator has fields to enter actual mileage for your trip, any stops, your stop charge (which can be saved) and other surcharges. Adjust the rate, fuel surcharge and any other values to get to what you expect the total amount and per mile rate for the load.

DAT Lane Average

The top portion of the calculator will display the total average trip rate. The linehaul, mileage and fuel surcharge are editable fields. The information that is populated in these fields are taken from the lane that is submitted under the single lane request. If a value is change in any of these fields the calculator will adjust with the new calculations.


If you need to pay accessorials or need to Invoice the shipper or broker for those extra fees the rate calculator can be used to either figure how much you need to pay the carrier or how much you need to charge the broker or shipper for the load. You can adjust the calculator to account for the extra amounts. When you add in a value the amount paid to the carrier/truck is adjusted for you and displays in the Truck Pay ( with Accessorials ).

Clicking on the gear  in the upper-right hand corner of the screen will allow you to set the default fees for accessorials. You can either set those defaults or enter in the values when calculating what you are paying to the carrier.

DAT calculates the current fuel surcharge using industry standard methodology. We use a starting point of $1.27/gallon (most companies start between $1.10 and $1.30), because that was the recommendation developed by DOE when Congress tasked them to research and develop a "fair" fuel surcharge.

  • Subtract the starting point of $1.27 from the currently weekly DOE price for a gallon of fuel.
  • Divide the resulting difference by the following:
    • Van - 5.5 mpg
    • Reefer - 5.3 mpg
    • Flatbed - 5.1 mpg
  • For instance, if the currently weekly DOE price for a gallon of fuel is $4.12.
  • $4.12 - $1.27 = $2.85 difference.
  • $2.85 % 5.5 mpg (Van) = 0.518 per mile fuel surcharge (round up to 0.52)