To access your RateView profile, click your username in the upper-right corner and choose the Profile option.

Within your profile, you can update your name, email address and phone numbers. If you wish to change your password, you can do that from here as well.


Your settings allow you to change the type of user you are, the types of rates that you want to focus on and whether you want rates to be displayed as per mile or per trip.


The account screen is broken into three sections - Summary, Requests and Submissions.


The account summary will show you important information about your multi-lane submissions. Here you will be able to see exactly how many lanes have been used for your billing cycle and how many are still remaining as part of your subscription. If you go over your monthly amount, you will be able to see what that expected additional cost will be based on how many lanes you've exceeded your subscription by and how much you pay for each lane over your allowed amount.


The requests section will show you all of your file submissions and how many lanes were on each. If you go over your monthly allotment of lane submissions, it will also tell you your expected charge that month.

Note:  Please note that the requests report will only display requests that were submitted via the web page and will not include requests submitted through the TMS.


If you are a contributor to DAT (you send your rate files to DAT regularly), you can see the submissions that you have made this billing cycle. In addition, if you will see the total number of lane credits we've issued you based on your submissions.

Note: DAT issues 1 lane credit for every 5 successful lane contributions to the database from a contributor.