Once you have downloaded the file that RateView has sent back, you can open it up to review the information you have requested. Listed on the spreadsheet will be the lanes you submitted and the rates for each one that was processed.    

Field Descriptions

  • PC-Miler Practical Mileage – The mileage between the origin and destination specified on the lane
  • Spot/Contract Avg, Low, and High Linehaul Rate – These fields display the low, high and average rate for the specified lane Fuel Surcharge is not included in the rate
  • Spot/Contract Fuel Surcharge – The calculated surcharge for the specified lane
  • Spot/Contract Time Frame – Shows how days back the rate information is being calculated on (7, 15, or 30 days)
  • Spot/Contract Origin/Destination Geo Expansion – These fields refer to the geographical regions being used to calculate the rate

Click HERE to view the geographical region chart

  • Spot/Contract # of Companies – Displays the number of companies that contributed the rates used in calculating the results
  • Spot/Contract # of Reports – Displays the number of contributor reports that were used to calculate the rate
    Spot/Contract Linehaul Rate Std Dev – Displays the Standard Deviation of the contributor reports that were used to calculate the rate
  • Spot/Contract Your Own Avg Linehaul Rate – If you are a contributor this displays the average rate that you submitted for this lane
  • Spot/Contract Your Own # of Reports – If you are a contributor this displays the number of reports you have submitted for this lane
  • Spot/Contract Error – Alerts you to if there was an error processing a record from your file upload
    Contract Average Accessorial -They are calculated using an average of the values listed below for the entire United States.   We break them down by the equipment types of Van, Reefer and Flatbed.  Fees included in the Accessorial amount:
    • Stop fees
    • Load fees
    • Unload fees
    • Fuel is NOT included

*Note: Any lanes with errors will not count against their allotted amount of lanes. 

The remaining fields include the information that was provided on the file upload (e.g. Origin, Destination, Truck Type, etc).

 Ratecast Information

If selected, Ratecast information will also be listed on the spreadsheet 


The rate displayed for each month is median forecasted rate.  The median is the middle point of a number set, in which half the numbers are above the median and half are below.  So, the median forecasted rate is the median of all of the forecasts for that month.

This is a different than rates viewed on a single-lane lookup as the rates there are displayed weekly for each month.