Multi-lane download file rates have numbers added at the beginning of the geo-expansion codes. The smallest area, 3 digit zip, begins with "10" and the largest area, Country, begins with "50." This is to facilitate easy sorting of the multi-lane download file rates data.


10 --

3-Digit ZIP Code - Examples: 482xx for Detroit, 554xx for Minneapolis

10 --

Canada Forward Sortation Area - Example M6x xxx for Toronto

20 --

Market Area - DAT defined set of 3-digit ZIP codes or 2-digit Canadian Postal Codes

30 --

Expanded Market Area - DAT defined aggregation of adjoining Market Areas and 3-digit ZIP codes or 2-Digit Canadian Postal Codes defining a larger area

40 --

Region - 1 of 16 DAT defined regions in the US or 1 of 3 DAT defined regions in Canada

50 --

All of US or All of Canada