The confidence indicator in the Connexion API is a score from 0-100 where a lower number is a better score.

Currently Confidence score is calculated from the days back and the geography only.  It is a proprietary calculation and the calculation may change in the future.  The idea is the interpretation should not change if we change the methods behind it. 

  • The interpretation of the DAT confidence indicator is:
  • 34 and below is a great rate.
  • Less than 50  is a good rate
  • Less than 70 is an okay rate.
  • Over 70 is a less reliable rate and involving either long timeframes, very general geographies, or other estimation issues.

Timeframe and geography information are delivered directly and can be used to estimate your confidence.  The purpose of the DAT indicator is to allow continuity if we change calculation methods.

The formula for confidence interval is proprietary, here are some examples of how it comes out for some combinations:

  • Market to Market 15 days: confidence = 34
  • Mkt to XMkt 30 Day confidence = 49.6
  • Xmkt to Xmkt 90 Days confidence = 70


Note:  This value only shows up when you pull the rate in Connexion.   We send it but do not display it in RateView itself.   We do not suggest that you display that value since it is not widely used but you can display it if it is properly labeled on the customers site.