Note:  Market Conditions is only available for Select, Office and Enterprise subscribers and is not available on lower tier subscriptions.

Market Conditions is a supply-and-demand metric that provides the clearest view of where the freight markets are and forecasts where they’re headed. Unlike the load-to-truck ratio, it considers more than just load and truck postings. It factors in historical trends, normalized post and search behavior and accounted for inbound and outbound volume.

The following information is used to determine whether an area is hot or cold:

  • Load-to-truck ratio
  • Historical trends
  • Load searches
  • Truck searches
  • Overposting detection (removal of false data when duplicate postings are detected)

This information can be used by shippers, brokers and carriers to better understand what to expect in an area by seeing if it is hot or cold.

A hot market inbound indicates there are more loads trying to get there relative to the number of trucks trying to get there. This could mean:

  • carriers are going to demand a premium to go there;
  • carriers could be taking a loss to leave there;
  • brokers could be taking a loss to get there.

A hot market outbound indicates there are more loads there relative to the number of trucks that are trying to leave.  This could mean:

  • carriers are going to be in demand and interested to go there;
  • brokers could be taking a loss to leave there;
  • carriers will be at a premium to leave there.

It's all about demand, and Market Conditions provides the data to show you this in a multitude of ways.

  1. Start by choosing the equipment type you want to analyze - Reefer, Van, or Flatbed
  2. Next choose the timeframe you want. (Current Day and 8-day Forecast only available on some subscriptions)
  3. Now choose the area to display and, if desired, the specific location you want to view

The map will update with the information you've requested.

Note:  The map and information shown here is based on this particular search, but the information provided may be different when other options are selected.  For instance, Load-to-Truck ratios are not provided when viewing Current Day or 8 day Forecast.

Based on the color of an area, you can determine if it is hot, cold or somewhere in the middle.  Look at the legend in the upper-left corner to explain the color.