The DAT iQ Benchmark dashboard empowers shippers to:

  • Gauge their performance against benchmark rates over time.
  • Perform trend analysis and deep dive root cause analysis.
  • Set budget expectations by forecasting budgets months in advance.
  • Track and measure progress against budgetary targets.
  • Make tactical decision-making for freight procurement strategies.
  • Gain valuable insights to optimize their operations.


This section provides high-level summary of the entire dataset, including a summary view of data over the selected date range.

Position to Benchmark Trend

  • The platform provides annual summary results, allowing users to compare their rates with the market. For instance, users can observe that all rates, including spot and contract, are 2.6% below the DAT iQ benchmark.
  • All data points within the application are clickable and offer drill-down capabilities for deeper analysis.
  • Users can explore regional analytics by drilling into specific regions on the map


  • Users have access to long-term trend analysis dating back to 2016, including cost change metrics and rate per load analysis.
  • Users can compare their data with the entire market, examining metrics such as rate per mile, average distance, and percent of spot load mix over time, and their fuel surcharge price per mile compared to other contributors.

Bubble Chart

The bubble chart feature aids in identifying outliers within the carrier network, allowing users to sort lanes by performance and drill down into individual carrier data.


  • Users can customize their views with various preferences and utilize over 25 filters for detailed data analysis.
  • A breadcrumb trail atop the interface visually guides the user's path as filters are applied.
  • Users can easily reset all applied filters with a single click when desired.
  • The application covers four equipment types: Dry Van, Flatbed, Intermodal, and Reefer.

Download Data

  • Quickly export your data to Excel, retaining all applied filters, for easy data sharing and collaborative decision-making.
  • Downloaded files are automatically named based on the date range for easy future reference.