What is Load Level Data?

This feature allows for the extraction of detailed data from the application, specifically through the download of a load-level Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is rich with calculated fields visible in the lanes table, alongside every field from the preferences and filter sections. The inclusion of such comprehensive data facilitates deeper analysis and can be utilized in Business Intelligence (BI) tools or internal reporting systems for more accurate and consistent insights.

Where to find Load Level Data:

You can locate Load Level Data in the upper right-hand corner of the application interface. Look for the download arrow

Key Features of Load Level Data:

  • Comprehensive Data Export: Users can download an Excel spreadsheet containing detailed data, including all calculated fields and preferences.
  • Outlier Validation Fields: To assist in troubleshooting, the spreadsheet includes fields for outlier validation. Initially using numeric codes, plans are in place to enhance this with text explanations for clearer understanding.
Note:  The "Download Load Level Data" option becomes available when the total number of loads is under 30,000. If this option is not active (appears greyed out), please use filters such as date range and equipment type to decrease the data volume below this threshold. 
Files downloaded through this feature are automatically named according to the selected date range, facilitating easier reference in the future.