The Benchmark Analytics dashboard empowers shippers to:

  • Gauge their performance against benchmark rates over time.
  • Perform trend analysis and deep dive root cause analysis.
  • Set budget expectations by forecasting budgets months in advance.
  • Track and measure progress against budgetary targets.
  • Make tactical decision-making for freight procurement strategies.
  • Gain valuable insights to optimize their operations.

Freight Cost Inflation Trend

Extensive historical data dating back to 2016 makes it easier to observe transportation market cycles over time and compare rates against industry benchmarks.

The dashboard differentiates contract and spot freight rates with your company's rates in purple and others in gray. Users can analyze these rates separately for outliers and unusual data points.

Position to Benchmark Trend

  • Shippers can compare rates to the benchmark on the dashboard and explore data for deeper insights.
  • Performance can be analyzed year-to-date, per month, or week to week.
  • Weekly analysis pinpoints high and low-performing lanes using delta costs from the benchmark, revealing opportunities and issues.
  • Filters and preferences help in narrowing analysis, revealing potential root causes like short lead times or specific carriers.


  • Depending on the data being supplied, the dashboard can provide up to  26 filters for flexible data exploration and analysis.
  • A breadcrumb trail atop the interface visually guides the user's path as filters are applied.
  • Users can easily reset all applied filters with a single click when desired.

Lane Details

  • By clicking on specific lanes, users can analyze and drill down into the data for that particular lane.
  • Adding multiple lanes to the analysis is effortless by holding the control key and selecting additional lanes.
  • The functionality offers a dynamic and interactive experience for comprehensive data exploration.
  • After analyzing a lane or set of lanes, users can reset applied filters to start fresh or modify their analysis easily.

Download Data

  • Quickly export your data to Excel, retaining all applied filters, for easy data sharing and collaborative decision-making.
  • Downloaded files are automatically named based on the date range for easy future reference.