Users will benefit from increased accuracy, efficiency and RFP (Request for Proposal) management.

The initial version of RFP Tool focuses on the broker/carrier response and bid creation process. As we continue to develop the product, we will expand functionality to include increased tools for bid creation and RFP management as well as support for the shipper RFP workflow.

This is a significant step towards supporting the entire RFP process, from request to end-of-contract and we will continue to develop this product towards that goal moving forward.

  • Easily import RFP lanes with optional initial pricing information
  • Blend multiple data sources for bulk pricing or filter to specific lanes for individual pricing
  • Export bids once pricing is complete
  • Save time and reduce inefficiencies by centralizing freight data across disparate business units/departments
  • Quickly refresh bids and make changes to renegotiate pricing
  • Thoroughly assess rates in bids against internal performance data, external market benchmarks, and forward-looking rate forecasts
  • Track, analyze and manage past RFPs to improve performance
  • Ensure RFP is equipped to handle seasonal spikes while minimizing cost overruns